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Origin – Future

2021 – EN

  • Anniversary year – 140 years Kurz Gruppe
  • Anniversaries: 75 years IKO, 40 years Kurz Kunststoffe and 25 years Kurz Plast

2020 – EN

  • Installation of a PV power plant

2019 – EN

  • Installation of a new ONI cooling system to regulate the temperature in our production plant

2018 – EN

  • Purchase and introduction of 3D print HP MJF (Multi Jet Fusion)
    MJF is a 3D printing technology that uses a powder-based material and a binding agent to create parts layer by layer. The process involves fusing the powder material together using heat and a binding agent, resulting in high-quality, detailed parts with good mechanical properties.

2017 – EN

  • Expansion of the production in Hungary (new building of 1000m2)
  • Installation and commissioning of a new production cell for housings of a radar sensor with eight robots

2016 – EN

  • Jochen Merz takes over as managing director / CEO

2013 – EN

  • Hans Herbert Stelzl joins the board of management
  • Introduction of ALS – Arburg Leitrechner System (Arburg central control system)

2012 – EN

  • Introduction of environmental management system according to ISO 14001

2011 – EN

  • Integration of stamping technology in injection moulding processes

2010 – EN

  • Expansion of administrative departments in Hungary

2009 – EN

  • Expansion of the production –  assembly and cleanroom in Hungary

2008 – EN

  • Introduction of WINCARAT as ERP-system at all premises
  • Initial certification according to ISO TS 16949

2006 – EN

  • First 6-axis robot

2003 – EN

  • Relocation of the administrative departments to the Salztalstraße

2001 – EN

  • Introduction of CAQ-software for paperless sampling

2000 – EN

  • Introduction of 3D measurement technology for production-related inspections

1997 – EN

  • Production of Siemens S10 with multi-component manufacturing; ultrasonic welding, in-mold labeling (IML) and printing

1996 – EN

  • Founding of Plast Kft. In Hungary
  • Production of high-quality technical injection moulded parts

1995 – EN

  • Beginning of the implementation of ISO 9001

1993 – EN

  • 3D volume and freeform surfaces, design on Strim 100 and Soliddesigner

1990 – EN

  • Entry into prototyping, trial molds, vacuum casting and stereolithography production

1984 – EN

  • Introduction of CAD construction of sprueless single- and multi-cavity injection moulds
  • Usage of commercially available hot runner systems and additionally building our own hot runner system for customers with specific problems

1980 – EN

  • Founding of Kurz Kunststoffe GmbH
  • Production of injection moulded parts of all kinds

1970 – EN

  • Purchase of new injection moulding machines

1965 – EN

1954 – EN

  • Construction of injection molds and therefore purchase of injection molding machines for sampling

1950 – EN

  • Construction of punching, bending and forming tools

1948 – EN

  • Subcontracting in turning and milling

1946 – EN

  • Founding of IKO-Formen by Isidor Kurz in Owingen
  • Production of kitchen knives, petrol lighters, tobacco cutting machines and spaetzle machines
  • Trading of lawn mowers, bicycles, and home water supply systems


As expert for complex insert moulding with a high quantity of overmolded insert parts we offer our customers an “all-round carefree package” from prototypes to complete assemblies.



Quality managment

To meet the requirements of our customers is one of the most important missions in our company. Therefore, we operate a quality management which is certified according to IATF 16949:2016. We face the tasks and challenges associated with the certification to provide our customers a consistently homogeneous, high quality through effective and efficient processes. We are able to constantly supervise all process data and product features and thereby master the overall production process with regards to changes through a high level of digitalization.

Certificates Kurz Kunststoffe GmbH:

Certificates Kurz Plast Müanyagfeldolgozó Kft:


As a plastics processing company, we have high energy requirements. We obtain a large proportion of the energy we need from our own photovoltaic power plant. We have also committed our employees to the responsible and careful use of the raw materials we use. We work in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 at all our sites, and these efforts are also confirmed by an independent third party at our plant in Hungary. To date, our efforts have enabled us to reduce CO2 emissions by 50%.

Certificates Kurz Plast Müanyagfeldolgozó Kft.:

Statistics CO2 emissions Kurz Plast 2020


Our employees are our most valuable asset. We contribute to a safe and healthy working environment through proactive and preventive occupational safety. We operate an internal occupational safety management system that is based on the requirements of ISO 45000.



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Dual studies:

  • Degree programme: mechanical engineering
    Specialising in: Plastics technology
    Graduation: Bachelor of Engineering
    Start of studies: 2025 (current academic year already occupied)

Apprenticeships / studies

We offer the following apprenticeships:


  • Through an internship, you can get to know all areas of plastic processing as well as moldmaking.
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