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Mr Uwe K├╝hne
Sales Manager Toolmaking
+49 (0) 74 74 / 6 96 - 35


Thermosetting Plastic Tools

Our toolmaking ensures high precision through the use of high-quality, high-performance CNC machines integrated into a CAD/CAM system. The existing common interfaces are open and compatible. By working closely with the machine manufacturer, we can supply our customers with an optimal production package.

Use of the most accurate 3D measuring technology ensures the highest standard of quality. Our technical requirements and our know-how ensure high size accuracy, reliability and production safety even for very large quantities.


  • consulting and development support (e.g. number of tools, automation capability)
  • production of high-performance tools for pressable and sprayable materials
  • application-oriented tool concepts of the highest quality, even for small quantities
  • high availability
  • long service life even for plastics with a high fibreglass content (> 50%) and / or high cycle frequency
  • multi-cavity
  • insert and outsert tools, Reel2Reel, Reel2Tray
  • maintenance-friendly tool design
  • maintenance of customer tools as a service