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Mr Hartmut Nafz
Sales Manager
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Job Order Production

On request, we manufacture hybrid and injection moulding components in small and large series that meet the exact requirements and specifications of our customers. In addition, thanks to our highly qualified specialists, we can offer optimisation of client’s tools as well as the production of new tools. Comprehensive advice, which pays special attention to material selection and geometry of the parts is a matter of course, as is the efficient use of our comprehensive machinery.

We produce various handling systems on 56 injection moulding machines (2K, 3K, rotary table, vertical) , a tampon printing line, laser lettering as well as a 3D printing system.

Use our job order production, to balance out order fluctuations in your company and stay flexible to market changes . Through the targeted use of our production technology for special components, you can easily purchase products of technical quality while saving costs.

Your advantages

  • Processes can be outsourced flexibly and inexpensively
  • internal labour costs remain low
  • There are no fixed costs as we use our own manufacturing machines
  • efficient and fast order processing
  • flexible expansion of your capacity at peak times
  • tailor-made and quantity independent use of our manufacturing machines as required