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Complex insertion technique

The further processing of complex components requires professional experience
and technical innovation in equal parts:

With our
complex insertion technique we offer you interesting, technical possibilities
and qualified service.

We can insert complex parts (e.g. metal) completely automatically
into a suitable injection mould and inject it with appropriate plastics. The features and advantages of the different
materials can be optimally combined and used.

Our customers from the most diverse fields from the automotive to
the medical industry value the precision and high efficiency of our insert technology.

Your advantages

  • simplified production of functional components
  • assembly processes are eliminated or simplified
  • fewer work processes e.g. for post-processing, component use,
assembly work
  • reduction of production costs
  • use of our entire experience in the areas of development,
manufacture of the tool and product, as well as functional testing
  • complete service from one source: Analysis by our specialists,
tool manufacture, automation, manufacturing and quality control