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Mr Julian Beck
Sales Plastics Processing
Head of 3D Printing
+49 (0) 74 74 / 6 96 - 42


Redefined manufacturing processes

Step into a world where 3D printing
 helps you turn your thoughts into reality faster, from
 basic prototyping to final
product manufacturing.

A world in which you can think and design without limitations, and by releasing the full potential of 3D printing you can drive your production forward.

Your advantages

  • Prototype production
  • Small batch production
  • Serial production (up to approx. 5,000 pieces)
  • Consultation on part design/part optimisation for 3D printing
  • Development support
  • Designing components for 3D printing (from idea to product)
  • Creation of 3D models from 2D drawings/sketches if the
customer does not have 3D data
  • Finishing of parts/post processing (in the foreseeable future:
Smoothing of simple geometries, colouring of parts (black)